Jan. 16th, 2009

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My apologies that these took so long. I was too sleepy to do them last night and then megaupload took eternity to upload them... *sigh*

Download here.

GH Clips

Jan. 16th, 2009 05:39 pm
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So, I pretty much hated today's show. Nik/Nadine story is all over but the crying and that bums me out. Matt being such an ass to Spin made me mad, plus the fact that Maxie and her whole "best friend" spiel is really getting old. Then of course, we have to deal with this ridiculous flashback thing they have going on... *sigh* Then throw in bitchy Robin and more boring Z's nonsense and I could have skipped the whole thing. However, I don't want this whole post to be negative, so I will say that I would be interested in seeing Matt paired with Liz.

Annoyance Warning on the Following Nikodine Clips...

Download Nikodine clips
Download Spin clips

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From the 1-14 show. Oh, and I mentioned before I was going to do some Casey/Ali icons from the episode where they locked Nuke on the roof. I tried to take caps, but didn't have much luck. If anyone has any good screencaps send me an email.

such pretty boys )


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