Feb. 3rd, 2009

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Recapping the madness: (for Sharon *grin*)

Leyla: *dies*
Sonny (to Anthony Z.): Why are you holding Claudia's IV cord?
Anthony Z (to Sonny): Foiled AGAIN! *rolls away*
Sam (to Spinelli): OMG! One of Jason's balls is unaccounted for!
Spinelli (to Sam): No worries, luckily I have completely forgotten about fair Maximista's abandoned car, so now I can focus on the missing orb of doom.
Luke (to random guy): Listen, Kangaroo boy, give me my money!
Nikolas (to Nadine): I'm so glad the toxic poison didn't kill you... now excuse me while I go look for my dead wife's twin.
Patrick (to Epiphany): I'm so sad Leyla is dead.
Epiphany (to Patrick): It is sad, but, hey *holds up picture* at least she wasn't single.
Anthony Z: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. *rolls back to Claudia's room*
Robin: Don't worry, Emma... everything will be fine once we drive through a blizzard and get to the hospital filled with toxic poison...
Nikolas (to LuLu): I just saw my dead wife.
LuLu (to Nikolas): You are probably just crazy... now can we talk about my problems? Johnny is totally not returning my phone calls!
Maxie (to Johnny): Spinelli thinks I'm awesome. He's the best. I'd die without him.
Johnny (to Maxie): I feel the same way about LuLu.
Maxie (to Johnny): So... wanna have sex?
Johnny (to Maxie): Cool.
Claudia (to Sonny): My dad just tried to kill me... oh and BTW, he can walk... and he shot Kate.  

Seriously, though, I have never been more sure that Maxie is in love with Spinelli. I realize that may seem odd on a day when she made-out with Johnny, but... yeah. I'm still hating Win and WTF happened to Jason? Is he off searching for his ball?

Download the Spin clips here


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