Feb. 11th, 2009

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So today's episode of ATWT was in hyper speed. A million things happened in an hour. It was rather crazy. First off, did the doctors even attempt to save Reg? They wheeled him in to the room and 2 seconds later the doctor came out (all sparkling bedside manner...    /sarcasm) and told Luke and Noah he was dead. *sigh* Now... on to the good parts (though they were rather few) Nuke dancing always makes me giggle. Casey can't dance either. *grin* There was a Nuke kiss at the beginning which is always nice, and I thought the hug during the last Nuke scene was lovely. I didn't care for the angle of the camera on the first Nuke hug. The spoiler picture was better. Nuke clips once again brought to you by Andy...

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I honestly can't say anything good about this storyline, but I will say that Justin Deas has been doing an amazing job.

Spin Clips
Yet another day of hospital crisis crap. Today we were also back to the Luke/CrikeyEthan story... did I mention that dude has the worst accent on the planet. I could fake an Australian accent better than that... perhaps he should spend some time talking to Ingo... or even Bradford because he does a rather pleasant Australian accent in his own right. Maxie's scenes with baby Emma were really good today, but that's about it... oh, and I hate Carly!


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