Feb. 18th, 2009

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Finally! My apologies that this took so long. There were many scenes and then YouTube broke... but here it is... for the record, the "new" flashbacks just did not work for me at all. Also a little reminder... if you are looking to download any of these clips they call all be found here.

under the cut because holy cow there is a lot of clips )

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Here is the video of John's last day on set. They got him a cake and he cries a little. It's so sad. I would also like to point out that he totally hugs Caitlin the longest. (Jaitlin shippers rejoice. *grin*) 

Credit to WeLoveSoaps

Want to download it? Click here.

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So, today Spin finally makes his way out of the burning/exploding/poisoned hospital. Yay! That hug and kiss between Spin and Maxie was so sweet. Now, as for the rest of the show... Nikolas has gotten super stalker-ish the last couple of shows. Just because she looks like Emily doesn't mean you should follow her every move. So they are killing the Johnny/Lulu relationship, right? Because this is totally how it seems. I guess they are going to hook her up with Ethan... although I think he's in love with her father (just saying.) Oh, and to that thought, I made an icon: Forgive me, I'm a touch odd. Oh, and random thought for today... why the hell didn't the hospital have sprinklers?

Download the Spin Clips here.

Moving on to the sadness of Coop... does anyone else just want to smack Beth? Seriously, was that her idea of good acting? It worked for Rose in Titanic, but that is because Kate Winslet is brilliant... Beth... well, isn't. Just a heads up: I will be clipping Coop's funeral. And for convenience purposes here is the Coop Download Folder.


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