Feb. 20th, 2009

Spin Clips

Feb. 20th, 2009 05:23 pm
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Okay, so GH was good again today. I wonder if the actors are as happy as I am that the hospital crisis is over. As for my thoughts, Jason dealing with Winnie was kind of amusing, although I still hate her. Poor Spin! He's coughing his head off and his woman is scampering off to a party with the mob prince. What a cruel world. Now, I'm indifferent to Max and I absolutely can't stand Jax or Carly, but the scene when he walked in their room and tried to get advice about Diane was hysterical. I love how they are still plugging the V8 (I kind of wish they'd do a real V8 commercial and have, like... Claudia and Sonny eating together and then Sonny doesn't finish his veggies and she smacks him on the head, "you shoulda had a V8"... but I digress) and Campbells and every other product they can think of. Good stuff. *laughing* Oh, and I'm glad that Nadine was proactive in the whole Crazy-Stalker-Nikolas/Emily-Clone-Rebecca thing. At least she didn't get all pathetic and weepy.

Download the Spin clips here.

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Okay, so today was the start of Coop's funeral. It's really pretty sad, Ashlee actually got to speak at the service, which I appreciated. It was really the least the writers could do. I wasn't sure if anyone wanted to see them, but just in case I uploaded the scenes from yesterday's show of Buzz as well. I'm also uploading these clips the Coop Folder as we speak, so hopefully they'll all be posted tonight.

Clips under the cut )

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I "borrowed" these from the GL site. I'll be keeping an eye out to see if they post any more over the next few days, right now there are only two.

Download this clip here.

Download this clip here.


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