Mar. 12th, 2009

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Spin Clips:
I found today's show sort of interesting. I liked the confused dynamic of Win, Maxie, Sam and Jason (or as I like to call them: Team Spinelli/Spinelli Lovers Unite) all working together to find him. I also love that Maxie is so bitchy to Win. I just can't like her and I'll be glad if she ends up leaving (I've heard rumors, but if anyone knows for sure, please confirm.) 

Download the clips here.

LOVED today's show so much. I love how supportive Noah was, but I also love that he called Luke and told him to get his butt to the meeting. I love how Luke was so strong in his beliefs. He seems to be getting back to his usual self. I think it's fabulous that Lily is going to help with the foundation. She understands and respects Luke and she is quite business savvy. I also really enjoyed that Brian and Lucinda got a chance to get some closure on the situation and YAY that Brian backed Luke up.

Now for the truly good stuff. The last two Nuke scenes were absolute perfection! Noah saying he was proud of Luke and then calling him whiny and self-absorbed... just absolutely perfect! Then the last bench scene when Luke was playing with Noah's fingers... and the flirting... the kissing.... the implied dorm room lovin'... I was just so fangirly when I was watching. *grin*

clips (thanks to Andy) are under the cut )


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