Apr. 12th, 2009

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I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!

So a few updates, first off... I've lost some interest recently in GH, so that has inspired me to take a poll:
[Poll #1382469]

Secondly, anyone that is following my personal drama... I'm doing a lot better. I found out the meds that were supposed to be helping me actually had the opposite effect. Since I've got all that figured out, things are starting to get back on an even keel. Not cured, but at least not worse. *grin*

Lastly, OMG! The Nukeness of this past week was just so very awesome!!!! I have especially enjoyed the cuddly moments and while I find the twins a touch annoying at times, they are also rather entertaining. That whole Mark of Z thing was a bit WTF though. Oh, and did I mention how much I freakin' love angry!Noah!!! He has gotten to be snarky to the twins which I love. It used to be that only Luke was snarky. Also, I love that Luke has that vulnerable part of him where Damian is concerned and that he felt like he could talk about it with Noah.


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