Apr. 15th, 2009

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Okay, so today's show was... AMAZING! Van was freakin' brilliant. That man is just so very talented and needs an Emmy like... RIGHT NOW! My very favorite part of today's show was the phone call between Luke and Noah. Luke was so devastated and when he said that line about Noah being his family I was literally in tears (and if you know me, you'll realize that hardly ever happens.) I certainly can't leave out Noah... Jake played it very subtly, but you could tell that Noah's heart was breaking. He hated that he was hurting Luke, I think the most amazing line of his was when he begged Luke not to be mad at him. That whole call was just beautifully angsty. As for the other scenes... Luke's scenes with Damian were very powerful... Luke was so shattered and angry. I also loved Noah's scenes at the end... the only thing he cared about was keeping Luke safe, it's all so angsty in a completely fabulous way. My only complaint is we have to wait till next week to see more.


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