Apr. 21st, 2009

jyl22075: (nuke cuddle)
Today's show was kind of awesome!

1. First off, I love when Margo suggested they needed proof that Noah was alive. Van's voice when Luke responded was perfect.
2. I adore Luke, but that boy should have realized he was walking in to a trap... although, I'm sure he would have done it no matter what.
3. I loved that Noah was still trying to get Luke to save himself even while he was sitting there all tied up.
4. How awesome was it when Luke tried to steal the gun from Zoe? Good times.
5. Now for the extreme gushing... I have no words for how much I loved that last scene between the boys. There is just so much love between them and it really came through in that scene. Highlights for me: Noah's line "I would never hurt you like that." Awww. The boys have come so far. *grin* I also love that he sounded so desperate to convince Luke of that. Luke's: "There's no where else I'd rather be..." *sniffle* So freakin' sweet... and then the ILYs and the finger snuggling and it was just all good. *happy sigh*


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