May. 7th, 2009

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Today's show was sort of interesting...

1. The whole sick kids on a cruise thing... complete plot point.
2. Luke was so supportive of Noah's idea. It was cute.
3. Luke not wanting Damian to think he only wants him around for his money... it just shows how inherently good Luke is.
4. Noah wins for best line of the day: "I just hope I get to see you in a sailor's outfit" And OMG, the look on Luke's face was freakin' priceless.
5. Noah is SO Team Damian. It makes me happy.
6. Did the dude ranch thing fill anyone else's heads with thoughts of Brokeback Mountain - Nuke style?
7. I love that Lucinda is going to be involved in this storyline.
8. ATWT favorite phrase must be "my son." Last week it was Holden and Damian with the my son crap. This week it's Craig and Dusty.
9. Overall... it was okay, but definitely not enough of the boys.
10. If you haven't seen the spoilers for how this Damian thing is going to play out, check them out because... )

ETA: A giant WTF: Why is it poor bullet ridden Noah can't get a day off work? I'm just saying...

Spin Clips

May. 7th, 2009 10:30 pm
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I wanted to get these posted really quick, so I can go to bed.



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