May. 11th, 2009

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1. First off, is it implied that Noah and Luke are sleeping together at Lily and Holden's? 
2. Noah totally changed sides in the Damian debate. I guess he's feeling a tad wishy washy.
3. Don't you love how Noah totally has Luke figured out?
4.I love that little scene at Java. Luke knows exactly how to get his way and Noah totally realizes it, but can't resist. *laughing* I also like how Luke was playing with Noah's sleeve and yay!!! We FINALLY got a kiss.
5. SAME HERE!  Every time Noah says that it makes me smile. *grin*
6.Did Damian's "I don't want you here." make anyone else have a QAF flashback? Maybe it was just me.
7. Natural light + Van = so much pretty
8. Yay for Luke trying to save Damian (even if he was unsuccessful.)
9. How the hell did Noah know exactly where Luke and Damian were?
10. How hot was Noah in action!mode
11. I don't like guns, but there is something seriously attractive about how fierce Noah was today.
12. I love Luke's eyebrow lift after Noah shoots the guy. That was kind of perfect.
13. That look at the very end that Luke gives Noah (the scene where Margo shows up at the docks) was the best look ever. He was totally thinking how hot action!Noah was.
14. I kind of loved that Margo chastised Luke and Noah yet again. 
15. Holy crap! A Luke/Lucy scene!
16. Loved Noah's "life threatening situations" quip. Very cute.
17. Damian/Luke hug... awwwww!

On a somewhat related note, I framed my Jake and Van autographs today!!! Thanks again, Jai and Sharon! *hugs* 

Spin Clips

May. 11th, 2009 06:33 pm
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So... GH is kinda crappy. Seriously, I am SO over Ethan. Please make him go away! Secondly, what exactly is it about Carly that makes men congregate around her like she's God's gift to men? Don't get me wrong, she's pretty, but she's also bitchy, whiney and annoying. I mean, honestly... the woman has a harem. It was nice to see Spin and Maxie on the chase, although I didn't find the scenes all that interesting. Oh, and don't even get me started on Nikolas. Blech. 

Download the clips here.


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