Apr. 29th, 2009 01:01 pm
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So, for those that don't know the Nuke community ([livejournal.com profile] luke_noah ) recently had it's first ever icon contest. I actually almost didn't make the deadline. I was extremely last minute, but I did make it and I placed third!!! *happy dance* There were some beautiful, amazing entries, so I'm really honored to place. I want to send a huge congratulations to the first place winner: [livejournal.com profile] sarafim and second place winner: [livejournal.com profile] aloofly . Their icons were gorgeous!

Here are my icons:

If you want to see the rest of the amazing entries Click Here

Spin Clips

Apr. 28th, 2009 08:22 pm
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Okay, so here is the Spin Clip catch-up post...

As far as thoughts on the show... I'm glad that Spin isn't making it easy for Maxie, but at the same time I felt bad for her today. Love Lulu's hair the past couple of shows. Oh, and I've really enjoyed all of the Maxie/Jason interaction in the past several shows.

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I have many thoughts about today's show, so bear with me... I may ramble.

Rambled so long I had to cut )
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OMG! Today's show was sort of epic!!!!

1. Zac ended up being way more fierce than Zoe... killing the cop and all that jazz.
2. Zoe is one crazy bitch!
3. Luke's panic over Noah's condition was played perfectly. Kudos to Van!
4. Let's take a moment to appreciate THAT scene. If you don't know which scene I mean then you didn't want the same show I did.
5. Luke calling Noah baby... AGAIN! *squee* 
6. I freakin' love that Noah was trying to joke with Luke even in his sick and delirious state.
7. All the banter about the dimples... was FANTASTIC!!! Van does have great dimples. *grin* 
8. Van was amazing today... seriously. Jake was pretty amazing too. Oh, these boys!
9. I love that Luke tried to keep Noah awake by talking about films. That's just so them! Especially the fact that Luke didn't get the movie.
10. Did anyone else throw-up a little when Zoe kissed Luke? Because I know that I did.
11. Not to mention the fact that she is clearly a touch deranged.

In other news... hi guys! Things have been a bit wonky around here so I haven't been online as much. I'll get ALL the Spin clips up tomorrow. Please forgive me for being an epic slacker??? *begs*

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Today's show was kind of awesome!

1. First off, I love when Margo suggested they needed proof that Noah was alive. Van's voice when Luke responded was perfect.
2. I adore Luke, but that boy should have realized he was walking in to a trap... although, I'm sure he would have done it no matter what.
3. I loved that Noah was still trying to get Luke to save himself even while he was sitting there all tied up.
4. How awesome was it when Luke tried to steal the gun from Zoe? Good times.
5. Now for the extreme gushing... I have no words for how much I loved that last scene between the boys. There is just so much love between them and it really came through in that scene. Highlights for me: Noah's line "I would never hurt you like that." Awww. The boys have come so far. *grin* I also love that he sounded so desperate to convince Luke of that. Luke's: "There's no where else I'd rather be..." *sniffle* So freakin' sweet... and then the ILYs and the finger snuggling and it was just all good. *happy sigh*
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I come bearing Spin clips. I have to say that as much as I love Spixie, I'm glad Spin held his ground with Maxie. That red and blue hoodie leaves some thing to be desired though.


And Claire Coffee is in a commercial. I miss Nadine!

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Okay, so today's show was... AMAZING! Van was freakin' brilliant. That man is just so very talented and needs an Emmy like... RIGHT NOW! My very favorite part of today's show was the phone call between Luke and Noah. Luke was so devastated and when he said that line about Noah being his family I was literally in tears (and if you know me, you'll realize that hardly ever happens.) I certainly can't leave out Noah... Jake played it very subtly, but you could tell that Noah's heart was breaking. He hated that he was hurting Luke, I think the most amazing line of his was when he begged Luke not to be mad at him. That whole call was just beautifully angsty. As for the other scenes... Luke's scenes with Damian were very powerful... Luke was so shattered and angry. I also loved Noah's scenes at the end... the only thing he cared about was keeping Luke safe, it's all so angsty in a completely fabulous way. My only complaint is we have to wait till next week to see more.
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Okay, so technically there are a few Damian, Zac and Zoe icons as well. I hadn't made icons in... forever so when I started, I couldn't seem to stop. Heh! My resources can be found here.

icon madness )

Spin Clips

Apr. 13th, 2009 05:42 pm
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Big thanks to everyone that responded to the poll! Here are the clips from 4-10 as well as the clips from today. I have to say today's show was the best one I've seen in a long time. Bradford was amazing today and hooray for Spin getting to punch Johnny.


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1. First off... how much do I freakin' love that Luke loves Mamma Mia!
2. Kissing is good.
3. Kissing on the couch is better. *grin*
4. The extreme lameness of the twins - "Axis of Zevil..." - "Plan Z."
5.  Van's facial expressions during the whole Ouiji board thing. When Luke waves at the "spirits," I was rolling.
6. Freakin' LOVE that Luke spelled out He is gay on the Ouiji and his "spirits don't lie, Z" was just about the cutest thing... EVER!
7. When Luke picks Zoe's hand off his leg. It's so deliberate and so awesome.
8. Shirtless Zac... I'll admit... I didn't mind it. Heh!
9. Luke and Noah are INCORRUPTIBLE.
10. Luke's face after the twins FINALLY leave.
11. Damian's very punny line about something fishy going on.
12. Luke calling Noah "N"
13. Freakin' LOVE the idea of more Grimaldi's in town.
14. Noah kissed Lily goodbye...  all together now... awwwwww!
15. Two words: Ciao, Luciano
16. Team Noah/Damian!

Okay, so pretty much today was fabulous! The twins are freaks, but very entertaining ones.

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I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!

So a few updates, first off... I've lost some interest recently in GH, so that has inspired me to take a poll:
[Poll #1382469]

Secondly, anyone that is following my personal drama... I'm doing a lot better. I found out the meds that were supposed to be helping me actually had the opposite effect. Since I've got all that figured out, things are starting to get back on an even keel. Not cured, but at least not worse. *grin*

Lastly, OMG! The Nukeness of this past week was just so very awesome!!!! I have especially enjoyed the cuddly moments and while I find the twins a touch annoying at times, they are also rather entertaining. That whole Mark of Z thing was a bit WTF though. Oh, and did I mention how much I freakin' love angry!Noah!!! He has gotten to be snarky to the twins which I love. It used to be that only Luke was snarky. Also, I love that Luke has that vulnerable part of him where Damian is concerned and that he felt like he could talk about it with Noah.
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First off, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone that commented on my somewhat melancholy personal post from a few days ago. Your responses and support mean more to me than I could ever tell you.

Secondly, I finally clipped the Spin scenes from 3/31. As far as I know he hasn't been on since then. What is up with GH? BTW: There has been way too much Ethan of late. Anyway, download the clips here!

Third... OMG! NUKE!!! I never posted about it, but I have to mention how much I adored Luke calling Noah baby. That was an entirely epic swoon-worthy Nuke moment. On to yesterday's show... let me just say: SQUEE! I am loving this storyline so very much. Zac and Zoe are totally up to no good and they kind of act like 10 year olds (I.E. telling Damian he's a bad monster) but is there anyone that didn't giggle at the lameness of Zac's line "Was it as good for you as it was for Z?" That line was so bad it was good. *grin* As for the Zac/Noah kiss, I, much like Noah, was slightly horrified with a side of WTF? I freakin' loved that Luke mentioned how Noah punched Brian... because it was awesome. And of course, there was the Nuke cuddling... *happy sigh* Oh, and if you haven't seen the spoiler pic for next week, check it out ASAP! It goes without saying, but I'm so excited for those scenes.

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Personal rambling under the cut )

And I realize I missed a day of Spin clips last week. It's still on my DVR and I'll get it clipped soon.

Spin Clips

Mar. 31st, 2009 12:50 pm
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Spin clips from yesterday... late because I've had no time. Why must life be so busy???

I actually enjoyed yesterday's show, despite the Johnny/Maxie crap. I thought Maxie was funny and appropriately snarky to Jason and Claws. Spin's face when Jason told him he got played was too cute for words.

Download the clips here.

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SQUEE... new picture! Click here to see!!!
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Also if you haven't checked out the Zac and Zoe preview, you should!

Nuke Clips

Mar. 26th, 2009 08:39 pm
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OMG! Seriously, we had three days of good Nuke stuff this week. I think I may be in shock. First off, I love that there was so much history brought up today. Lots of talk about the Snyder's past and even a bit about Noah's father. Holy good writing, BATMAN! How is this even possible? Van was incredible today... his scenes with Damian were amazing. He played them angry, fearful and sad, which is pretty incredible. He was able to portray all three emotions so beautifully at the same time. I freakin' loved how he was clinging to Noah when he came back to the hospital. The whole conversation they had at the door with Damian watching was amazing. They can be so freakin' adorable. I LOVED the Noah/Damian scene. Talk about tension... meeting the in-laws has never been so uncomfortable. I'm so proud of Noah and how quick he was to correct Damian's "friends" comment. Noah has certainly come a long way. (Remember when he introduced Luke to his classmates as his "friend"?) I worry for Noah though... since he has such hard-core father issues, he is going to be easily manipulated by Damian. Oh, and Noah's final comment about how Luke isn't going to lose him... creeeeeepy. Sorry, but on a soap that isn't a sign of good things, ya know? 

On an unrelated note: my RL has been crazy busy, so forgive me if I haven't responded to comments or entries yet. I will hopefully get caught up this weekend.

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Nuke: Okay, so I freakin' loved the boys today! First we got impassioned!Luke followed by worried!Noah and then tender!Noah. That last scene between Luke and Noah was so perfect. I love how Noah was so careful of Luke's injuries when he kissed him. *happy sigh* AND... Damian is back! *SQUEE* 

Nuke clips thanks to Andy.

And... Spin clips are here!


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