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Okay, so today was the start of Coop's funeral. It's really pretty sad, Ashlee actually got to speak at the service, which I appreciated. It was really the least the writers could do. I wasn't sure if anyone wanted to see them, but just in case I uploaded the scenes from yesterday's show of Buzz as well. I'm also uploading these clips the Coop Folder as we speak, so hopefully they'll all be posted tonight.

Clips under the cut )

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Ashlee gets to see Coop today, but don't think that means there is some lovely touching moment, because it just doesn't happen. Also, if yesterday's clips made you upset, skip these.

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Okay so today was the day Ash found out about Coop's accident... and Beth. Way to hit the girl all at once. For the record we don't actually see Coop today. This is all just fall-out.

Now, I think this was perhaps the best GH of the week. Poor Spin is all trapped in the closet now and Maxie is rushing to his aid (which is so stupid, but terribly sweet) and for the record she did refer to him today as "my Spinelli." The clips do include the Maxie scenes where she was talking about Spinelli.

Download the Spin Clips here.

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Thoughts? Comments? Confusion? *grin*

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I uploaded these separately because I know not everyone wants to follow both stories. Nothing interesting today, just propping for both of them. Although Coop did get to have a few humorous moments with Mallet.


Please let me know if you want to download these scenes and I'll upload for you.

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Okay so practically an entire episode having to do with Luke's election. Color me stunned. First off the guys in their costumes were too cute for freakin' words. Secondly, I'm absolutely loving the angst. It comes from a real place and it makes sense. Luke has always leaned a bit toward activism and Noah has always been more reserved and it's nice to see conflict that comes from their personality differences. It's real and I appreciate that. Lastly, holy crap! Luke and Aaron in a scene together! Did Hell freeze over and nobody told me? 

Ashlee was in one tiny little scene today. Nothing much happening although there was talk of Coop. I wouldn't mind seeing Ash and Remy paired together. *ponders* 

The scene with Spin and Maxie in the church pews was a little slice of perfect. I love the way Maxie told Jason how he should be at Robin's wedding. I'm so very bored with the whole Sonny/mob/Claudia thing.... whatever.
Download the spin scenes here.

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The only thing redeeming about these scenes is the fact that I know Caitlin and Murray are good friends and thus, I'm sure they like getting the chance to work together.

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Random thoughts:
1. GL has got to be the worst show on daytime, seriously.
2. While it's always nice to see Ashlee, she was once again propping Dinah.
3. Not enough Nuke today (but then there never is.) 
4. Luke is "really really cute"

Nuke clips thanks to Andy

You can download the Ashlee clips here.

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So here is some shocking news for my fellow Ashlee fans. There is actually a decent scene in todays clips. Please, don't die of shock. AND, Doris and Ashlee... in the same scene... the miracles never cease...

Download the clips here!

Oh, and if LJ hates you, it may be because you need to update your web browser... that fixed mine.

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Ashlee is such a lovely prop. Bonus points for two Coop mentions today, both from Daisy (finally Daisy has an intelligent thought, it's a miracle!)

Clips here!
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I have to admit I liked Ashlee's scenes today. At least it showed some progress for her. She mentioned Coop, so at least the writers haven't forgotten. Oh, and Caitlin looked beautiful. Now, forget about that and can we discuss the new bumper? I don't usually watch GL anymore, so maybe it has been on before, but I'm thinking it bodes really well for our couple that they are in the new bumper together. Not to mention it's such a cute freakin' picture.

Watch the bumper:

see the screencap here )
Oh, and you can download the Ashlee clips here!
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To watch Ashlee prop Daisy's storyline click here!

The one bright spot was that Ashlee finally realized how selfish Daisy really is. That girl needs to grow up.
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Once again GL wasted CVZ by having her prop another storyline. However, she looked lovely.

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Alright, so here are the Ashlee clips. Unfortunately  (or fortunately depending on your opinion of the situation) we had a news break during one of the Ashlee/Grady scenes. So I don't have the part where he kisses her on the cheek. I'll try and torrent it and upload it tomorrow. All the other scenes are here though.

Get the clips here...

And check out the Nuke scene coming up next week. I'm very excited about it. "When are you gonna fight for me, Noah?" The angst is so fabulous.


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