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First off: Happy Birthday to Tracy! Hope you had a great day, girlie. *hugs* 

Okay, so I haven't written anything in a while, but today is Tracy's birthday so I wrote her a Coop/Ashlee fic. This story is kind of odd... and I may write a sequel if anyone is interested, but I'm not sure anyone will be, because as I mentioned, a little odd. As far as warnings, this is a Coop!death fic, but it's kind of light death. *laughing* You just have to read it. I promise it's not that sad. Oh, and also this fulfills the prompt feelings on my 10 Dates table. Oh, and I didn't edit it, so please forgive any and all mistakes.

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Okay, so today was the start of Coop's funeral. It's really pretty sad, Ashlee actually got to speak at the service, which I appreciated. It was really the least the writers could do. I wasn't sure if anyone wanted to see them, but just in case I uploaded the scenes from yesterday's show of Buzz as well. I'm also uploading these clips the Coop Folder as we speak, so hopefully they'll all be posted tonight.

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Coop Pics

Feb. 19th, 2009 09:47 am
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So, the PGP Blog did their own Coop picspam. Some of the pics were knew to me, so I brought them over.

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So, today Spin finally makes his way out of the burning/exploding/poisoned hospital. Yay! That hug and kiss between Spin and Maxie was so sweet. Now, as for the rest of the show... Nikolas has gotten super stalker-ish the last couple of shows. Just because she looks like Emily doesn't mean you should follow her every move. So they are killing the Johnny/Lulu relationship, right? Because this is totally how it seems. I guess they are going to hook her up with Ethan... although I think he's in love with her father (just saying.) Oh, and to that thought, I made an icon: Forgive me, I'm a touch odd. Oh, and random thought for today... why the hell didn't the hospital have sprinklers?

Download the Spin Clips here.

Moving on to the sadness of Coop... does anyone else just want to smack Beth? Seriously, was that her idea of good acting? It worked for Rose in Titanic, but that is because Kate Winslet is brilliant... Beth... well, isn't. Just a heads up: I will be clipping Coop's funeral. And for convenience purposes here is the Coop Download Folder.

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Finally! My apologies that this took so long. There were many scenes and then YouTube broke... but here it is... for the record, the "new" flashbacks just did not work for me at all. Also a little reminder... if you are looking to download any of these clips they call all be found here.

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So today's show was certainly pretty heartbreaking. The scenes between Coop and Buzz were amazing, no thanks to the writers. All the credit for that should go to the actors. Kudos to John and Justin.

clips under the cut, because it was so long it ended up being 3 YouTube videos... )

Also, I put together a little picspam of Coop photos. I will also be doing a John Driscoll picspam tomorrow on his last day.

Remembering Coop - A Picspam )
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Ashlee gets to see Coop today, but don't think that means there is some lovely touching moment, because it just doesn't happen. Also, if yesterday's clips made you upset, skip these.

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Okay so today was the day Ash found out about Coop's accident... and Beth. Way to hit the girl all at once. For the record we don't actually see Coop today. This is all just fall-out.

Now, I think this was perhaps the best GH of the week. Poor Spin is all trapped in the closet now and Maxie is rushing to his aid (which is so stupid, but terribly sweet) and for the record she did refer to him today as "my Spinelli." The clips do include the Maxie scenes where she was talking about Spinelli.

Download the Spin Clips here.

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I honestly can't say anything good about this storyline, but I will say that Justin Deas has been doing an amazing job.

Spin Clips
Yet another day of hospital crisis crap. Today we were also back to the Luke/CrikeyEthan story... did I mention that dude has the worst accent on the planet. I could fake an Australian accent better than that... perhaps he should spend some time talking to Ingo... or even Bradford because he does a rather pleasant Australian accent in his own right. Maxie's scenes with baby Emma were really good today, but that's about it... oh, and I hate Carly!

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So, I figured I would post the final Coop scenes because some people may be like me and want some closure on the whole situation. I spent the last few hours getting caught up on all the Coop clips and will be uploading them tonight and tomorrow. If there are any clips from this whole miserable saga that you are looking for check the folder. They should all be uploaded by tomorrow afternoon. Supposedly, JD's last airdate is February 17th.

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Okay, so this is another suggestion off of Jai's list. She said she wanted some Cooplee icons and some Shaylee icons. (There are a couple of Shayne/Ashlee icons in this post as well.) I'm calling this set: Memories.

It might be a tad... dark... )
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So, another boring GH day, but I did enjoy the Spin/Maxie scenes. Maxie's WTF face when she found out what Spin has been up to was priceless.

Download the Spin clips here.

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Jan. 21st, 2009 06:47 pm
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As most people probably know, I no longer watch GL since it started to royally suck. However, I do clip the Coop scenes for the lovely Sharon. So, I was getting caught up tonight and I run across what has to be the best scene I've seen on GL in a LONG time. I am totally team Lizzie and bonus points because she actually said "banging my mom" in reference to Beth and Coop. *grin*

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The second scene is actually really sweet. *sigh* I miss them. Overall I think these two scenes just made me sad. They weren't overly sad, but just the fact that we know JD isn't going to around much longer and stuff made them extremely sad for me. It was nice to see the real Coop for a few minutes, I thought he was gone forever.  Oh and HOLY CRAP... Ashlee mentioned Moxie.

Download the clips here.
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This is my final contribution to the Cooplee Christmas Party and you have no idea how glad I am that I got it done on time. So, I wrote this as a gift for Jai. Partly to say thank you for throwing the party and partly because she always writes such amazing fics for everyone and I wanted to return the favor. That being said, I hope this doesn't suck, because it wouldn't be good to gift somebody a crappy fic. So... here goes nothing. Jai: I hope you like it.

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Okay, so this is sort of a mixed bag of icons because apparently I was feeling a bit too spastic to come up with a theme...

and here we go... )
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My first contribution to the Merry Cooplee Christmas Party. So I had already made Christmas icons a while back, so I did a winter theme on these. Hopefully people will like them. I was pretty happy with how most of them came out.

see them here )
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Second story for my table for [livejournal.com profile] 10_dates 
The prompt is Movie Theater
Just in case you missed the first part, you can read it here.

Part 2... )


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