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First off, Nina is supposedly coming back on a more full time basis for this storyline... so yay!

click here for the spumor )
In sorta kinda related news, if you haven't checked out Poolless' site for a while, I recommend visiting. She recently added some clips from Cooplee circa 2007 that I didn't have in my collection, so perhaps some of you are missing them as well. Just in case you need the link: click here.
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The second scene is actually really sweet. *sigh* I miss them. Overall I think these two scenes just made me sad. They weren't overly sad, but just the fact that we know JD isn't going to around much longer and stuff made them extremely sad for me. It was nice to see the real Coop for a few minutes, I thought he was gone forever.  Oh and HOLY CRAP... Ashlee mentioned Moxie.

Download the clips here.
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My apologies for getting these up so late today. Real life is sucking my will to live.

Coop and Ashlee were mostly just propping the rather pathetic wedding, but they looked pretty.

Download them here.

Spin Clips here.

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So... it kind of seems like Ash is starting to realize what she gave up. Coop and she-that-shall-not-be-named are still totally creeping me out. *shudder* Oh, and I caught some of the Shayne scenes yesterday. He is certainly an angry guy at the moment. He and Dinah may be good together though, we'll see.

Clips under the cut )

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As I previously posted, I have decided to clip scenes of them together and today that had three or four scenes together, so here they are.
1. I don't care what anyone says, they just spark together.
2. Ashlee and Buzz's hug is a good enough reason to watch the clips.
3. The thing about Ashlee suggesting Beth, it was more teasing really. She even makes a bit of a snarky remark about how many times Beth has been married, so I thought that wasn't as bad as it could have been.
4. My twisted, curious nature got the best of me and I watched the Coop/Beth scene... I have two things to say: a. Blech, that was awkward. b. I actually literally shuddered watching it... I'm not joking either, I actually had a physical reaction.

Luckily I'm sparing you guys and these are only the scenes with Coop AND Ashlee. *grin*

Download the clips here.

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I have to admit I liked Ashlee's scenes today. At least it showed some progress for her. She mentioned Coop, so at least the writers haven't forgotten. Oh, and Caitlin looked beautiful. Now, forget about that and can we discuss the new bumper? I don't usually watch GL anymore, so maybe it has been on before, but I'm thinking it bodes really well for our couple that they are in the new bumper together. Not to mention it's such a cute freakin' picture.

Watch the bumper:

see the screencap here )
Oh, and you can download the Ashlee clips here!
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Okay, so I did two versions of todays show, the version with all the Coop and Ashlee scenes, and the version with all their scenes except for the ones with Blake.
Please click the link that best expresses your thoughts for the appropriate clips:
Ew, I don't ever want to see that hag!
I'm a glutton for punishment, bring on the hag!
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Some angsty Cooplee uploaded here. 
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I would've said Cooplee, except that there is only a nanosecond of Ashlee...

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Clips from todays show. I'll let everyone watch and come to their own opinions. I will say, Caitlin looked lovely in that blue dress.

Get them here!

And if you want to see really fabulous angst, check out the Nuke scenes from today.
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Alright, so I am so confused. I have no idea what the GL writers are trying to convey. The only thing that is coming across for me is a big bag of WTF? So the first few scenes I thought for sure they were prepping us for the Coop/Ashlee break-up. Coop didn't push Blake away fast enough to suit me and frankly I think he should've protested a bit more. Then they have Ash talking about how she's got crush on G to Daisy. Cougar basically tells Ash she'll move in on Coop as soon as she can talk him in to it... so I'm like... okay, I see where the writers are going.

Then we get to the Cooplee scenes and it's all kinds of perfect. They are so happy and so in love and you just could never see either one straying which leaves me wanting to ask the GL writers WTF? Anyway, sorry for the rambling... that being said I LOVED every second of the Cooplee scenes, especially the last one. Coops reaction to Ashlee getting hit on made me smile.

BTW, don't know if any of you Cooplee gals are also Nuke lovers, but am I the only one that wanted to punch Noah right in the face today?

Clips are here!
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Okay, so Sprucey found these lovely clips for us over on You Tube and me being the nerd that I am I ripped them so I could keep them for nostalgia purposes. These are in .flv, this should play in Windows Media Player.

Disclaimer: These are You Tube rips, so the quality is not as good as something I would rip off the TV. You've been warned.

Special thanks to akksgurl, even though she ships Cozzie. *grin*

First Meeting Part 1
First Meeting Part 2
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So here are the clips from today. I must say I was sorta happy with Cooplee today. There were things about it I was really annoyed with, but there were some nice moments as well.

Part 1
Part 2

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Here you go, my lovely GL friends. I clipped all the scenes from today except for 1. The party scene where Coop is in the background the whole time and doesn't say anything. Seemed pointless. The Blake scene is here, although, it starts kind of abruptly because I cut out some of the her and Natalia talking because, really, does anyone want to hear that? *grin* 

Part 1
Part 2


Apr. 30th, 2008 10:35 pm
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Okay, so just the Cooplee scenes from the end of todays episode. If you didn't see it, I'll tell you what was in the rest of the scenes.... Ash working out on a treadmill... Blake salivating all over Coop. That pretty much covers it, and you can see why I didn't bother clipping those scenes.

Clips here
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Just a quick post because I'm on my way out the door. Todays show recap doesn't seem promising. From my understanding there are only two scenes that have both Coop and Ashlee. I will probably clip those two later tonight when I get home, but not all the Blake nonsense, because it makes me grumpy. 


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