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Okay, so this is another suggestion off of Jai's list. She said she wanted some Cooplee icons and some Shaylee icons. (There are a couple of Shayne/Ashlee icons in this post as well.) I'm calling this set: Memories.

It might be a tad... dark... )
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Okay, so this is sort of a mixed bag of icons because apparently I was feeling a bit too spastic to come up with a theme...

and here we go... )
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My first contribution to the Merry Cooplee Christmas Party. So I had already made Christmas icons a while back, so I did a winter theme on these. Hopefully people will like them. I was pretty happy with how most of them came out.

see them here )
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I know I'm jumping the gun a little, but I made them, so here they are.

Cooplee and Spixe and Nuke, oh my! )

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From todays show and the shiny new bumper pic.

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The first two in this set were made at Sprucey's urging. The others were just for fun.

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So the deal with these were that I had planned on doing an icon post this morning. Then Jai posted some fabulous new pictures which resulted in new icons and thus there are MANY icons. *laughing* Both GL and ATWT.

Cooplee/GL )
Nuke/ATWT )
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Made from yesterdays show.

see them here )
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Okay, so these icons are an attempt to fill a request from Sprucey. (I'm not sure if they are anything like you wanted, Sprucey.)

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I attempted to torrent the missing Ashlee scene, but alas everyone had the same news break as me, so I couldn't get it. I figure no one will cry about missing Grady kissing Ashlee, even if it was just on the cheek.

There are no Cooplee mentions on the DVR. The only Ashlee mention is Monday but it's: Daisy confronts Grady about Ashlee... so that doesn't really mean she's going to be on.

If you follow Nuke, they will be on Mon. and Wed.

and here are 4 icons I'm calling letters to GL... )
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20 new icons made from yesterdays show.

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Alright, so today was actually a decent show. Not Ashlee's scenes so much, but I loved Buzz. He was very amusing today. Also, Mallet and Olivia... two thumbs up. Now, as for Ash... she is definitely intrigued by the new guy on the block. After all the girl done said there was a "connection" like she's never felt before. I think most of the appeal is that he's so mysterious. She did seem excited that Coop is coming home. I think it's kind of amusing that she wants to tell Coop about the mystery guy. *laughing* I'm hoping that we get a little jealous Coop tomorrow and I'd like for him to tell Ash about the Blake "incident" so she will remember not to take Coop for granted. After all, it would be hard to find another guy as perfect as Coop. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about tomorrow because we get Cooplee! (And Nuke is on too. *wink*)

Clips Here

Icons Here )
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This is the first set of Cooplee Icons I've made in a while. I haven't been particularly inspired because GL sucks, but thanks to Jai's story and rewatching some old clips I had a spark of inspiration.

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These were all made using caps from todays show. Nothing fancy, just fun with cropping and coloring.

see them here )
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New icons from yesterdays show. As well as the screencaps I took.

under the cut )

New Icons

Apr. 29th, 2008 06:36 pm
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So I was experimenting once again with icons. I really only like one of them, but I'm posting them anyway. *grin*

Here they are... )


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