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Yay for Sneak Peeks!

AND I have to pimp the link to Kat's pic post. She went on the Rock the Soap cruise and shared the Van/Jake love with all of us.
See the pretty here!

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So, I haven't had time to do anything remotely creative for the last few days, so I just figured I would post some more hotness, oh and also a Nuke Spoiler (so if you don't want to know, you may want to skip the Jake hotness.)

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Okay, so after much searching for spoilers, and coming up mostly blank. I did find one Ashlee spoiler - Ashlee's blog is a hit. There was no mention of Coop or Ashlee on my DVR. Blah!

Nuke will be on Thursday this week. DVR says Luke will ask Noah to stand by him.

Also a rather interesting little tidbit that I wanted to share, apparently GL and ATWT are now on Hulu. GL already has episodes up and ATWT will be on there starting Monday. These episodes are from June 1st  last year and they will continue adding episodes. Right about the time Ashlee was in juvie and also the same time Noah showed up in Oakdale.  (Is it me, or was last summer way better than this one for our shows?) So if you have any interest in seeing those episodes in their entirety you should check out Hulu.com.

GL vids are here

and a new pic of Jake... just because )


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