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Also if you haven't checked out the Zac and Zoe preview, you should!

Nuke Clips

Mar. 26th, 2009 08:39 pm
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OMG! Seriously, we had three days of good Nuke stuff this week. I think I may be in shock. First off, I love that there was so much history brought up today. Lots of talk about the Snyder's past and even a bit about Noah's father. Holy good writing, BATMAN! How is this even possible? Van was incredible today... his scenes with Damian were amazing. He played them angry, fearful and sad, which is pretty incredible. He was able to portray all three emotions so beautifully at the same time. I freakin' loved how he was clinging to Noah when he came back to the hospital. The whole conversation they had at the door with Damian watching was amazing. They can be so freakin' adorable. I LOVED the Noah/Damian scene. Talk about tension... meeting the in-laws has never been so uncomfortable. I'm so proud of Noah and how quick he was to correct Damian's "friends" comment. Noah has certainly come a long way. (Remember when he introduced Luke to his classmates as his "friend"?) I worry for Noah though... since he has such hard-core father issues, he is going to be easily manipulated by Damian. Oh, and Noah's final comment about how Luke isn't going to lose him... creeeeeepy. Sorry, but on a soap that isn't a sign of good things, ya know? 

On an unrelated note: my RL has been crazy busy, so forgive me if I haven't responded to comments or entries yet. I will hopefully get caught up this weekend.

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Nuke: Okay, so I freakin' loved the boys today! First we got impassioned!Luke followed by worried!Noah and then tender!Noah. That last scene between Luke and Noah was so perfect. I love how Noah was so careful of Luke's injuries when he kissed him. *happy sigh* AND... Damian is back! *SQUEE* 

Nuke clips thanks to Andy.

And... Spin clips are here!

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Hee! I'm so excited for this.
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Spin clips are here.

Nuke: The thing about today's show that I find kind of interesting is that I suspect the reactions that WOAK received are/were similar to the ones ATWT got when Luke first came out. Nice parallel there. I'm so freakin' glad that Luke and Noah are getting their own place... they better get a set, damn it! As one of the shows most popular couples (possibly THE most popular couple) they definitely deserve their own set. Oh, and Noah's "fix the leaky refridgerator" made me grin. That boy is so adorably practical. Hee. Also, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when Luke ruffled Noah's hair. So freakin' cute. And yay for another Nuke day tomorrow!

Today's clips(thanks to Andy):

Van interviewing Paolo (Damian):

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Yay for Sneak Peeks!

AND I have to pimp the link to Kat's pic post. She went on the Rock the Soap cruise and shared the Van/Jake love with all of us.
See the pretty here!

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Spin clips here.

I had a whole big thing typed up about how much I loved the Luke and Noah goodness, but LJ ate it, so basically just yay to them moving in together!

Nuke clips thanks to Andy

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Spin Clips:
I found today's show sort of interesting. I liked the confused dynamic of Win, Maxie, Sam and Jason (or as I like to call them: Team Spinelli/Spinelli Lovers Unite) all working together to find him. I also love that Maxie is so bitchy to Win. I just can't like her and I'll be glad if she ends up leaving (I've heard rumors, but if anyone knows for sure, please confirm.) 

Download the clips here.

LOVED today's show so much. I love how supportive Noah was, but I also love that he called Luke and told him to get his butt to the meeting. I love how Luke was so strong in his beliefs. He seems to be getting back to his usual self. I think it's fabulous that Lily is going to help with the foundation. She understands and respects Luke and she is quite business savvy. I also really enjoyed that Brian and Lucinda got a chance to get some closure on the situation and YAY that Brian backed Luke up.

Now for the truly good stuff. The last two Nuke scenes were absolute perfection! Noah saying he was proud of Luke and then calling him whiny and self-absorbed... just absolutely perfect! Then the last bench scene when Luke was playing with Noah's fingers... and the flirting... the kissing.... the implied dorm room lovin'... I was just so fangirly when I was watching. *grin*

clips (thanks to Andy) are under the cut )

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I'm so looking forward to tomorrow's show, if for no other reason than we get to see Noah looking all smokin' hot in that suit.

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and yay for Noah in a preview without Luke! I love, adore and obsess over Luke, but it's nice to see Noah get a preview on his own. And yay for the suit!!!

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I haven't been posting the Nuke clips lately, mostly because this storyline is kind of craptastic and although the boys have had a few cute moments, overall... blech. BUT, it looks like things may be coming to a conclusion. *fingers crossed* I can't wait for Damian to show up.

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And Jenny squees and flails like a fangirl!

Even if you don't love Nuke, watch the first 30 seconds of this vid.

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I have to say that I don't particularly love this whole murder mystery thing they have going on. That being said, today's show was pretty decent. First off we got reciprocal I love you's today! I think this may be the first time that has ever happened. Secondly, I love that when Luke got arrested he called Noah to bail him out. I don't think it's right that Margo called Lily though. Luke is an adult after all, you shouldn't call his mommy just because you think it's a good idea. I love, love, love the reasonableness of Noah. He balances impulsive Luke so well and I love that it was Noah that was able to get through to Luke. And while the dialog in this episode had questionable moments (i.e. my need to start a drinking game every time Luke says "Reg was our friend") I did love Noah's "I can't lose you" at the end. I agree with Luke, it was a bit dramatic, but really sweet.

Clip credit to Andy )

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So today's episode of ATWT was in hyper speed. A million things happened in an hour. It was rather crazy. First off, did the doctors even attempt to save Reg? They wheeled him in to the room and 2 seconds later the doctor came out (all sparkling bedside manner...    /sarcasm) and told Luke and Noah he was dead. *sigh* Now... on to the good parts (though they were rather few) Nuke dancing always makes me giggle. Casey can't dance either. *grin* There was a Nuke kiss at the beginning which is always nice, and I thought the hug during the last Nuke scene was lovely. I didn't care for the angle of the camera on the first Nuke hug. The spoiler picture was better. Nuke clips once again brought to you by Andy...

under the cut )

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Surprise strange and pointless Nuke appearance today... but at least there was kissing!

Nuke clips thanks to Andy.

And Spin looking all adorable and alien in his HazMat suit.

Download Spin Clips

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Okay, so I uploaded all the scenes after the preview scene. You know, the good stuff. *wink* I know that Andy and who knows who else will upload the rest, but yeah...

Nuke Clips

Jan. 8th, 2009 05:42 pm
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Okay, so I've read a lot of opinions about today's show and I know I'm in the minority here, but I didn't think it was that great. Don't get me wrong, Van and Jake did a lot with what they were given to work with, unfortunately the material was a bit lacking. First off, their whole discussion seemed so superficial. I was hoping it would go a bit deeper. It was all very "you were insecure" "No, you were" and sorry, not really my idea of a great discussion. The whole "love me for who I am, not who you want me to be" was so incredibly cliche and predictable, however, Van made it work, because he is genius, any lesser actor would have made that sound ridiculous.

Alright, enough of that, on to the things I did like:
1. It was nice to see Noah getting to have actual conversations with people other than Luke.
2. Luckily, Van and Jake were able to give so much in their facial expressions and the way they looked at each other which thankfully conveyed more than the somewhat under par dialog ever could.
3. Ali and Casey are awesome and I'm glad they are getting to interact with Nuke more.
4. There were a couple of moments of levity, which I appreciated.
5. Lucinda... okay, so I know she is being a bit bitchy to Luke, but can we honestly blame her?

clips under the cut )
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Have I mentioned lately that I love Casey? It totally bears repeating. Oh, and I kind of like Jade at the moment as well. *grin*


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