Jan. 29th, 2009

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Okay, so I think the whole poisoned patient thing could potentially be an interesting storyline... BUT, what were they thinking? That was the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a while. First off, why is it that they had all those people outside the OR in Hazmat suits and poor Patrick was having to drag everyone out on his own? Secondly, WTF were they thinking having Sam, Jason and Spinelli all standing around where they are risking exposure? For goodness sake, they don't even work at the hospital! Lastly, any decent hospital would evacuate if something this epic was going down, don't you think? I mean if a biotoxin was floating around in the air, surely they would attempt to evacuate the people that they could, right? I find it a little difficult to believe that they would just let some big benefit go on as if nothing was happening. Maybe that's just me, but come on! I get that it's a soap, I allow for stories that are totally ridiculous, but there is a limit to the ridiculousness that should be foisted up us. And finally, why is it that the only two hospital employees that seem to be aware of the danger are Patrick and Epiphany... I mean, they could use some other people helping out, right? *sigh* 

Anyway, you can download the Spin clips here.


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