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I come bearing Spin clips. I have to say that as much as I love Spixie, I'm glad Spin held his ground with Maxie. That red and blue hoodie leaves some thing to be desired though.


And Claire Coffee is in a commercial. I miss Nadine!

GH Clips

Jan. 16th, 2009 05:39 pm
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So, I pretty much hated today's show. Nik/Nadine story is all over but the crying and that bums me out. Matt being such an ass to Spin made me mad, plus the fact that Maxie and her whole "best friend" spiel is really getting old. Then of course, we have to deal with this ridiculous flashback thing they have going on... *sigh* Then throw in bitchy Robin and more boring Z's nonsense and I could have skipped the whole thing. However, I don't want this whole post to be negative, so I will say that I would be interested in seeing Matt paired with Liz.

Annoyance Warning on the Following Nikodine Clips...

Download Nikodine clips
Download Spin clips

GH Clips

Jan. 13th, 2009 06:51 pm
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Today's show was okay. I liked all the Spin scenes and I have to be honest I chuckled a little when poor caged Spin said he was a captive audience. Jason was all heartbroken (although you can never really tell) about his BFF going away to prison so that was pretty great. Thankfully the whole government Nikodine crap seems to be wrapping up... thank goodness! Oh, and I love Sam.

Nikodine clips
Spin clips

GH Clips

Jan. 12th, 2009 06:09 pm
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Okay, so I don't have much commentary today because I'm still on the Nuke high... but I will say that Maxie slapping Win was awesome. 

Nikodine's (yawn worthy) clips
Spin Clips

GH Clips

Jan. 9th, 2009 05:33 pm
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So, I thought GH was really good today. Spin and Maxie were all angsty and what not, but they did such a great job with it. Kudos to Kirsten and Bradford, those scenes were really powerful. I think they both said things they didn't mean and poor Maxie always tends to be a bit self-destructive. Oh, and I loved when Claudia called Lulu dim bulb. Hee... very amusing.

Nikodine clips
Spin clips

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So, GH today was pretty much awesome, thanks mostly to Spixie. Let me start out by saying that I don't condone Maxie for the way she is treating Spinelli. We know that she loves him, but she doesn't, so the fact that she is using sex as a way of distracting him doesn't thrill me at all. However, that was hot! Way hotter than their previous sex scene, which was admittedly a bit awkward. The kissing was hot, the shirtless Spinelli action was hot, the whole thing was just much hotness. I think Win likes Spinelli more than she thought she would, because I think she seemed regretful about her role in this whole feds thing. That doesn't mean I like her more, it just means she isn't quite as evil as she could have been.

Spixie clips here.

Nikodine clips here.

GH Clips

Jan. 6th, 2009 06:08 pm
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I wasn't overly thrilled with today's show, but it had a few nice moments. I loved the scenes between Sam and Maxie (even if Maxie is floundering in denial.) I must say again how much I hate Winifred and she was so obviously working Spin for information and he was all oblivious and I found that rather annoying. I have to say that I don't mind Maxie bitching her out... it makes me smile, even if she was overly harsh. Nadine's plow story may take an interesting turn with Alexis involved. *fingers crossed* 

Nikodine clips are here.
Spin clips are here (this includes the Maxie/Sam scenes as well. *wink*)

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Nik, Nadine, random cow... good times.

See them here... )

GH Clips

Jan. 2nd, 2009 05:25 pm
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Today was a pretty decent GH, although I can say with certainty that I do NOT like Winnifred. She's annoying and I'm sorry, but I don't like that they are having her do Spinelli speak. Spin is unique and just because the girl is a computer geek doesn't mean she would talk exactly like Spinelli. I'm not sure what the deal is with plow storyline, it's totally odd. I'm almost looking forward to "Rebecca" showing up because at least that storyline will be interesting. I did enjoy how Nikolas wants to help Nadine out though.

Download Nikodine clips here.
Download Spinelli clips here.

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I really liked today's show. It was definitely a fluffy episode and I think it's nice to see around the holidays. I'm a smidge disappointed that Spin and Maxie didn't get to kiss at midnight, but I'll get over it. Also, I'm so glad we finally got to see Nik and Nadine again. I feel like it's been forever since they've been around. I loved their scenes today.

Download Nikodine clips here.

Download Spin clips here.

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So I'm a little in love with the entire dance dream sequence. *happy sigh* Oh, and I really loved the scene where Sam and Jason were all worried about Spinelli. That made me smile.

Download the clips here.

Nikodine pics under the cut )

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So today was a good GH day. Nothing too heavy, just fun and fluffy... aside from the whole Sam situation anyway. Nadine inherited a plow and even though I read the spoiler, I was still rather baffled by the weirdness of the story. But at least we got some Nik/Nadine smooching so that was nice. I kind of love that Johnny is working at a Christmas tree lot. I don't know why, it just makes me happy. Wasn't the tree Maxie picked out cute? She totally went for the Charlie Brown tree. AND how freakin' adorable was Spin when he was opening the present she got him? Too cute for words.

Download Nikodine here
Download Spin here

GH Clips

Dec. 10th, 2008 05:54 pm
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I don't really have an commentary on today's show. You just kind of have to let the scenes wash over you... MOO....

There is a sound glitch during the second Nikodine scene. (Thanks to Sharon for letting me know.) I will reclip that scene tonight after the replay. I'm not sure what happened, but it kind of sounds like gremlins.

Here is the second scene.

Download Nikodine clips here
Download Spin clips here.

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So today we finally got to see Aunt Raylene. She did not look how I expected at all... I thought she should have been older... and blonder. Anyway, I thought the scenes with Aunt Raylene and Nikolas were quite nice. It gave us some more insight on how Nik is feeling. Poor Nadine did some of her crazy rambling today... I wonder when she's going to feel comfortable enough with Nikolas to stop that. *laughing* 

Download the clips here.

GH Clips

Dec. 3rd, 2008 05:26 pm
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I really enjoyed today's show. Maxie, Spinelli and baby Emma were too cute for words. How adorable was Spin and the baby? Nadine's family is freakin' crazy. It explains so much. *laughing* I can't wait to see more of them and where was Aunt Raylene. It's about time she made an appearance.

Download Nikodine clips here.
Download the Spixie clips here.

GH Clips

Dec. 2nd, 2008 05:37 pm
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GH today actually had a few interesting moments. Spin definitely gets the line of the day for his "couple of ever escalating drama" remark. Nadine finally made a reappearance today as well for like, .005 seconds, but it's a start.


Download here.

Download the Spin scenes here.


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