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1. First off, is it implied that Noah and Luke are sleeping together at Lily and Holden's? 
2. Noah totally changed sides in the Damian debate. I guess he's feeling a tad wishy washy.
3. Don't you love how Noah totally has Luke figured out?
4.I love that little scene at Java. Luke knows exactly how to get his way and Noah totally realizes it, but can't resist. *laughing* I also like how Luke was playing with Noah's sleeve and yay!!! We FINALLY got a kiss.
5. SAME HERE!  Every time Noah says that it makes me smile. *grin*
6.Did Damian's "I don't want you here." make anyone else have a QAF flashback? Maybe it was just me.
7. Natural light + Van = so much pretty
8. Yay for Luke trying to save Damian (even if he was unsuccessful.)
9. How the hell did Noah know exactly where Luke and Damian were?
10. How hot was Noah in action!mode
11. I don't like guns, but there is something seriously attractive about how fierce Noah was today.
12. I love Luke's eyebrow lift after Noah shoots the guy. That was kind of perfect.
13. That look at the very end that Luke gives Noah (the scene where Margo shows up at the docks) was the best look ever. He was totally thinking how hot action!Noah was.
14. I kind of loved that Margo chastised Luke and Noah yet again. 
15. Holy crap! A Luke/Lucy scene!
16. Loved Noah's "life threatening situations" quip. Very cute.
17. Damian/Luke hug... awwwww!

On a somewhat related note, I framed my Jake and Van autographs today!!! Thanks again, Jai and Sharon! *hugs* 

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First off, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone that commented on my somewhat melancholy personal post from a few days ago. Your responses and support mean more to me than I could ever tell you.

Secondly, I finally clipped the Spin scenes from 3/31. As far as I know he hasn't been on since then. What is up with GH? BTW: There has been way too much Ethan of late. Anyway, download the clips here!

Third... OMG! NUKE!!! I never posted about it, but I have to mention how much I adored Luke calling Noah baby. That was an entirely epic swoon-worthy Nuke moment. On to yesterday's show... let me just say: SQUEE! I am loving this storyline so very much. Zac and Zoe are totally up to no good and they kind of act like 10 year olds (I.E. telling Damian he's a bad monster) but is there anyone that didn't giggle at the lameness of Zac's line "Was it as good for you as it was for Z?" That line was so bad it was good. *grin* As for the Zac/Noah kiss, I, much like Noah, was slightly horrified with a side of WTF? I freakin' loved that Luke mentioned how Noah punched Brian... because it was awesome. And of course, there was the Nuke cuddling... *happy sigh* Oh, and if you haven't seen the spoiler pic for next week, check it out ASAP! It goes without saying, but I'm so excited for those scenes.

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SQUEE... new picture! Click here to see!!!
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Unfortunately, I'm just going to link you, because the PGP blog has gotten a bit uptight about people using their pics. That being said, this is a great pic, I can't wait to see this scene. Click here to see.
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Okay, so today was Elwood's "swan song." I have to say his dramatic leap from the bridge was not really all that dramatic, but if mouth to mouth from Luke can't bring you back from the dead, nothing will. I love that we have the whole protective!Noah thing going on and my goodness isn't Noah getting good at telling Luke he loves him. *happy sigh* Please allow me to show you my favorite moment from the show:

I thought we got a couple of really decent scenes between Spin and Maxie today. The rest of the show wasn't that great for me, but then the mob stuff usually doesn't thrill me much. Oh, and have I mentioned how creepy Nikolas is these days? 

Download the Spin Clips

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Honestly, I didn't think the day would ever come that I would be posting about Nuke having sex (unless it was in the context of fan fiction.) So, saying that I'm shocked is a bit of an understatement. First off... FINALLY! After that kiss in Old Towne anything else would've been such a let down. I will say that it bothers me that they weren't able to show them in bed together. I understand they were probably told not to show them in bed together and while I get that, it makes me mad that it has to be that way. However, considering what they were able to show, I thought it was amazing. We got some implied showering together goodness, so that definitely helped make up for the lack of bed play. Van and Jake were excellent... I guess I'm just so thrilled they finally did it that I just can't find too much fault with how it was done. *grin*

oh and a picture... )

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Today was the best Nuke day... pretty much EVER. (Just forget that they are mysteriously back together and the last time we saw them they definitely were not... cracked out writers.) However, who cares about that because they kissed, not once but twice. Good kisses too. I don't think I even need to mention how freakin' great it was when they talked about last Christmas under the mistletoe. *is giddy* The second kiss was all kinds of hot and didn't it seem like Noah was enjoying some tongue action? Nuke is on tomorrow too, looks like angst, but I'm too happy at the moment to care.

In light of posting the whole big long thing, I'm just posting the kisses:

and just because...

Oh, and the Spin clips can be downloaded here. Is the whole Spin as Santa's helper thing tomorrow? 

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I want to thank everyone that answered the poll and left comments.

follow the cut, please )

Unrelated Note: Spin clips will be up after the soapnet replay due to today's preemption.

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From the cut Nuke scene where Luke is sitting on Noah's lap.

they are just too cute for words )

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7 Ships 

"Borrowed" from [livejournal.com profile] sarahbell05 

[1] List your top 7 ships
[2] Put all of them IN ORDER of your love for them (7 to 1, 1 being your main fixation)
[3] Say which movie/show/thing they're in
[4] Supply photos for said people

my top 7 )


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