May. 14th, 2009 11:55 am
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Van got nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor! This is his third straight nomination and it's really time that he wins. Not that I'm biased or anything. *laughing* 

On a side note: Bradford Anderson is nominated for the same thing and even though I can't root for him, I'm still excited that he got nominated!

ETA: Hooray for Kirsten! I'll be rooting for her.

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Yay for Sneak Peeks!

AND I have to pimp the link to Kat's pic post. She went on the Rock the Soap cruise and shared the Van/Jake love with all of us.
See the pretty here!

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So here are a bunch of my favorite Van pics stolen from all over the internet and posted here. *grin* I had a hard time deciding which pics to use, so there are quite a few. I may do a separate picspam for Luke... we'll see.

ALSO: I've been wanting to make some icons, but I'm lacking in inspiration, so I thought I would see if my fabulous LJ friends (that would be you) had any requests, ideas or thoughts. I would be grateful for anyone that can help me through my creative block.

on to the gorgeous-ness of Van )

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So, just in case anyone doesn't know... Van is doing a play called Dance Dance Revolution (yes it is based on the video game) and I've been trying to find some decent pictures because the outfit is really... um... well, you just have to see it. Anyway, I finally stole some from someone whole stole them from someone (that could probably go on forever) and here they are...

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Hey my lovely internet friends. I must apologize for not updating my story. My computer died and I having to reinstall windows so things have been put on hold. Luckily for me I was able to back almost everything up. So, I'm LJ-ing today from my moms laptop.

I did want to share this article and a couple of new pics.

Click here for the pics... )


Aug. 6th, 2008 06:34 pm
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So, I've had the longest day ever and not the most fun either. That being said I'm not feeling even remotely creative, but I didn't want to have nothing at all posted today (the horror!) So, I give you...

the prettiest picture of Van I've ever seen... )
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More new pics of Van from the recent photo shoot PGP did.

*grin* )
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So, not much going on today in the world of my fandoms, so I decided to do kind of a random entry.

First up, perhaps the funniest Nuke video ever. It definitely made me giggle. Made by:  actsk8flm.

And a couple of new pics from the CBS website as well as some rather random icons...

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New pictures from a pre-emmy party. I snatched them from a pro so unfortunately they are tagged *cries* BUT, you still need to see them, I promise. Try to control the fangirl eeeee-ing.

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