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Technically 27 because the last 3 are random, but just go with it. *grin* Mostly Van and Jake because I love them. Photos used with permission of the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] jailynn24 and [livejournal.com profile] angelzqq .

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First off, Nina is supposedly coming back on a more full time basis for this storyline... so yay!

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In sorta kinda related news, if you haven't checked out Poolless' site for a while, I recommend visiting. She recently added some clips from Cooplee circa 2007 that I didn't have in my collection, so perhaps some of you are missing them as well. Just in case you need the link: click here.
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I'm so freaking excited for him! Y&R is the most highly rated soap and I already watch it, so I don't even have to switch my viewing habits. *grin* Rumor is his story will be tied in with Chloe and he's playing Phillip Chancellor. The fact that he's connected with a major family has got to be a good thing! I look forward to seeing what JD adds to the mix.

Read the article!

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I "borrowed" these from the GL site. I'll be keeping an eye out to see if they post any more over the next few days, right now there are only two.

Download this clip here.

Download this clip here.

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Here is the video of John's last day on set. They got him a cake and he cries a little. It's so sad. I would also like to point out that he totally hugs Caitlin the longest. (Jaitlin shippers rejoice. *grin*) 

Credit to WeLoveSoaps

Want to download it? Click here.

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So, in honor of John's last airdate, which is supposedly today, I put together a JD picspam. I hope you enjoy it!

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I kind of wish that he was, but apparently at the moment, he's not looking for another role in daytime.

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So, I figured I would post the final Coop scenes because some people may be like me and want some closure on the whole situation. I spent the last few hours getting caught up on all the Coop clips and will be uploading them tonight and tomorrow. If there are any clips from this whole miserable saga that you are looking for check the folder. They should all be uploaded by tomorrow afternoon. Supposedly, JD's last airdate is February 17th.

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This video made me grin like a fool, so of course, I'm sharing it. If you want to see JD, EJ and Lawrence rehearse My Girl... watch this ASAP!

Wanna download it? Click here!

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stole *ahem* BORROWED this from the GL site since we all know it's not the most user friendly site ever and uploaded it here, because it's pretty awesome. Both John and Caitlin are in it, but the part that really made me giggle was the part with Kane and John.... Jane? Anyway:


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